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We transform lives through creative expression by integrating the innate benefits of the arts with mental health practices for self-discovery, connection, and empowerment.  


We offer professional development training and programs for the general public in the use of the arts for social, emotional, physical and cognitive benefit.   Creative expression enables us to externalize what is within.  We focus on the self that emerges in the process.

The arts are universally appealing, inclusive, and uniquely able to enhance positive emotions.  Shared creative experiences offer organic opportunities for expression of feelings, reflection, and meaningful dialogue.  This, in turn, reduces emotional distress and builds self-awareness, empathy, and community.  Within the space of an hour, a group of strangers can become each other’s closest confidantes.

  • To offer accessible, nonverbal and universal tools for improving individual and community health through stress reduction and social support - without the stigma of therapy.

  • To maximize the social-emotional benefits of the arts by focusing on the process of creative expression to build meaning, empathy and community, over product and performance.

  • To offer a means of addressing the increasing societal health care burden from chronic diseases rooted in emotions and behavior.
  • To expand possibilities for health care through tools that are easy to implement in health care, educational, and recreational settings - thereby creating a public health safety net.

  • To offer a humanizing complement to increasingly technological medical care, that can enhance the environment of medicine.

  • To secure the place of the arts in our culture by validating their health benefits and exposing youth to their transformative value through insights gained from process-oriented activities.

  • To increase access to quality resources in arts and healing.

UCLArts and Healing is an organizational member of the UCLA Collaborative Centers for Integrative Medicine, which promotes education and research in complementary, alternative, and integrative approaches to health and wellbeing.
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