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art therapy outcome bibliography
This extensive document, updated annually by the American Art Therapy Association, offers a comprehensive listing of studies organized into user-friendly categories, such as medical conditions.
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discover yourself through collage
Nancy Weiss, LCSW, BCD describes the process of using collage to reveal and make sense of the many facets of who we are.
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gifts from the heart - art activity 2014
Learn to make meaning through a time capsule in this activity offered by art therapist and marriage and family therapist, Erica Curtis.
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gifts from the heart: art activity
Erica Curtis, LMFT, ATR-BC offers an art activity on the topic of giving that can be done individually, or with family and friends.
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picture this: healing trauma through art
The creative arts therapies are uniquely effective in the treatment of trauma. Board certified art therapist Erica Curtis, a leader in the field of art therapy, offers reflections on the power of art therapy in addressing trauma.
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Creative Arts Therapies
creative arts therapies panel 2013 - power points
View power point slides from the 6-part segment of experiential presentations by the Creative Arts Therapies Panel from the UCLA Integrative Medicine Conference 2013.
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Dance and Creative Movement
dance for all curriculum orders
Dance for All is a creative movement program based in dance/movement therapy and yoga that teaches social and emotional skills for teens and adults with developmental disabilities. The program is adaptable to other populations as well.
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dance/movement therapy
These information sheets from the American Dance Therapy Association answer questions about the field and its applications to a variety of populations.
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gifts from the heart: movement activity
Gabrielle Kaufman, MA, LPCC, BC-DMT, NCC offers an art activity on the topic of giving that can be done individually, or with family and friends.
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beat the odds drumming curriculum orders
Beat the Odds integrates activities from contemporary drum circles and group counseling to teach skills such as focus and listening, managing anger/stress, empathy, and gratitude. Find published studies and descriptions of how this program works.
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drum orders
UCLArts and Healing sells drum and hand percussion instruments of various sizes and combinations at discounted prices for community members.
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silent drum: tips for rhythmic meditation
Board certified music therapist, Christine Stevens, explores the parallels between meditation and drumming, and shares her perspective on the added value of drumming. She also offers tips on how to use it for meditation.
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getting out of the way: music for special needs
Board certified music therapist Summer Mencher, offers insights on the use of music and music therapy for motivating engagement in special needs children.
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Request Forms
request for presentation, program & other services
Please download and fill out the appropriate request form, and then submit it to for review. Thank you!
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Special Needs
creative arts therapies for special needs
The creative arts therapies offer nonverbal and verbal interactive strategies for motivating engagement and facilitating social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development in special needs populations.
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drama therapy and autism spectrum disorder
This presentation was given at the "On the Edge of Chaos: Finding Flow & Resilience through Creativity & the Arts" Conference at UCLA on April 7, 2013. Links to video footage of some of the activities described can be found within this text.
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gifts from the heart: new year narradrama activity
Experience your new year intentions as reality through this self-guided activity on your metaphorical home.
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spontaneous enactment is profoundly empowering
Adam Blatner, MD, Life Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association and Certified Trainer of Psychodrama, explores the value of arts experiences that require spontaneous enactment, or improvisation, and rely on the self as the source of creativity.
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healing trauma through the arts
In the wake of the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut, the question of how to address trauma has entered public consciousness. Learn about practical ways to address trauma and the power of the creative arts therapies in treating trauma.
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gifts from the heart - writing activity 2014
Write about light as a metaphor to express how you feel or how you feel about someone special in this writing activity by poetry therapist and marriage and family therapist, Perie Longo.
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gifts from the heart: writing activity
Perie Longo PhD, MFT, PTR offers a writing activity on the topic of giving that can be done individually, or with family and friends.
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kicking in the wall to overcome writer's block
UCLA Extension Writer's Program Distinguished Instructor, Barbara Abercrombie, teaches how to use 5-minute exercises involving short prompts to break through assumed limitations on creative expression when inspiration is not forthcoming.
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