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Welcome to our resource list.  You may search for and submit information on organizations, individual practitioners, literature, training programs, conferences, and listservs related to the therapeutic use of the arts. 

Unless you are looking for something very specific, we recommend that you either browse through the entire listing below without applying search filters or apply only minimal filtering so as to cast a wider net of search results.

Guidelines for submission can be found on each page under "submit resource" in the resource drop down menu.  We regret that we will not be able to post everything that is submitted to us.  The submissions that we post will be the ones most closely aligned with our objectives. 

Please note that there is a handy link in the resource drop down menu for updating any information that is posted. 
Annual emails will be automatically sent to the person posting the information to confirm that the information is still current or obtain updated information. Information that is not updated may need to be removed.

While we make every effort to include reputable resources, user
discretion is always necessary. 

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