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individual practitioners

Board-certified creative arts therapists may list themselves here as individual practitioners.  Board-certified creative arts therapists are mental health professionals dually trained in the arts, who have undergone professional scrutiny in obtaining board certification.  We have chosen to limit listings to these professionals for quality control purposes.

Listing here does not necessarily represent endorsement by UCLArts and Healing.  We encourage anyone seeking services from an individual practitioner to call several people and determine the goodness of fit in energy and approach, when speaking to them on the phone or meeting them.  Practitioners should be able to explain clearly how they work and what kind of a commitment in time and cost might be involved.

In this listing, we ask each practitioner for information on their education, training, credentials, and experience to facilitate public decision-making.  We encourage listings by creative arts therapists from other regions as well.
  Please let any practitioners know that you heard about them through UCLArts and Healing.

Unless you are looking for something very specific, we recommend that you either browse through the entire listing below without applying search filters or apply only minimal filtering so as to cast a wider net of search results.

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