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creative minds project

ucla creative minds project

The Creative Minds Project (CMP) is a partnership between UCLArts and Healing and Students for Integrative Medicine at UCLA (which recently merged with the Creative Minds student group at UCLA). We integrate the innate social-emotional benefits of the arts with mental health practices at local homeless agencies, including PATH West LA, Safe Place for Youth in Venice, and Ocean Park Community Center (OPCC) in Santa Monica.

This sustainable program is served by volunteer facilitators who are expressive artists, creative arts therapists or therapists with experience integrating the arts, graduate students in the creative arts therapies/clinical psychology, and assistants who are UCLA undergraduates or affiliates. 

We are especially seeking mental health professionals to supervise interns on-site at OPCC Tuesdays between 10am – 12pm and at PATH West LA on Thursdays 7-8pm.  We are also seeking experienced drum circle/music facilitators on Tuesdays between 10am – 12pm at OPCC.

The minimum time commitment is once a week for 1.5 hour session(s); however there are opportunities to facilitate more groups.  To apply, please contact

The Creative Minds Project also offers programming at UCLA in the creative arts for healing and wellness. UCLArts and Healing partnered in the development of the Creative Minds Project and supports it continuously. One of the ways in which UCLArts and Healing supports the Creative Minds Project is by offering interns and pro bono mental health professionals free access to its public experiential education programs.  

For more details on the Creative Minds Project:

The Creative Minds Project (CMP) is supported by UCLA and the Donald A. Strauss Foundation, and is a partnership between the "Creative Minds" student group at UCLA and UCLArts and Healing ( 

The CMP offers accessible, nonverbal and universal tools that maximize the transformational value of the arts through a focus on the process of creative expression. The CMP believes that while the arts themselves are healing, even greater value can be obtained from the arts when a therapeutic dimension is added. The CMP works through metaphor by reflecting on the process of expression and the self that is revealed through this process.  By reflecting on unconscious themes revealed and facilitating meaningful dialogue that naturally follows, the CMP fosters self-awareness, insight, empathy, healing, wellness and community. 

Click here to view a UCLA Daily Bruin article that offer details on the experience of participants at Step Up on Second. From May 2012 – August 2014, the CMP served Step Up on Second (SUOS) and Daniel’s Place (DP) mental health agencies.

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