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UCLArts and Healing has partnered with Remo, Inc. to be able to offer grant subsidies for drum and percussion instruments in order to reduce costs below market rates at 50% off the manufacturer's retail price.

Remo Inc. has graciously offered to donate any remaining profits to UCLArts and Healing, to provide training scholarships for those in need.

The products that we offer are specifically designed for community use.  They are durable, lightweight, sound adjustable, and nestable for easier storage.

Click on the links below to view our equipment calculator (to determine what you need and costs) and find out how to place an order.

We offer one-stop shopping for a good cause.

Equipment Calculator and Ordering Instructions

Information on our evidence-based Beat the Odds® drumming program for social-emotional skill building

If you are interested in booking a Beat the Odds® training or purchasing the curriculum materials, contact us at 

Research has shown the health benefits of drumming for neonates, children, adolescents, adults and older adults, and feedback from the community suggests that drumming may be particularly beneficial for groups with special needs.  The vibration from a shared drum encourages playing in sync.  Research has shown that rhythmic synchronicity stimulates the reward center of the brain and encourages positive behavior.  

Both scientific research and anecdotal evidence suggests that group drumming can facilitate engagement and creative self-expression, stress reduction, mood improvement, community building, social connection, nonverbal communication. movement, energy boosting, calming, centering, attention and focus.  Playing on the same drum encourages cooperation, teamwork, and community building.  

In addition, drumming is a nonverbal activity that enables anyone to participate.  Many of our products offer Comfort Sound technology with a lower pitch to facilitate rhythmic synchronicity without overstimulation.  




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