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seeking space in exchange for training

We are seeking pro bono or low cost use of space for our Summer Intensive Social Emotional Arts Certificate Program, from 8 am to 6 pm, Thursday through Sunday, two weeks in late July (there may be some flexibility in dates).  

In exchange for the use of space, we can offer training for up to two people free of charge.

The space should be clean and large enough to accommodate up to 25 people seated in a circle with some elbow room for movement.  Parking should be accessible and free, or not too costly.  Proximity to sources of food would be a plus.  Coastal location or air conditioning is necessary.

Westside location is preferred; however, we are open to consideration of locations in the South Bay, Metropolitan Los Angeles, and the San Fernando Valley.

We will also be offering some new training programs, such as Medical Social Emotional Arts, for which space will also be needed.

Please contact Kathy Cass, our Program Manager, if you are interested in an exchange.  kathy@uclartsandhealing.

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